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Looking for help arranging Alcohol Detox for someone you know? Alcohol Detox UK can help with experienced and impartial advice. Alcohol Detox UK help to provide the best type of detox for the needs of the person you are concerned about. We consider your budget, the specific addiction and treatment history, as well as age and other risk factors.

Drinking Detox in Manchester

Finding the right alcoholic detox process to meet your needs can be confusing. You may be in some form of crisis due to the chaos associated with active addiction, and the huge range of choices in the marketplace can be overwhelming. Alcoholic Detox can help you now.

Alcoholic Detox do not charge for this service and all advice is given in the best interest of the patient. If you need to stay in an alcohol rehab centre, uur fee is paid by our partner clinics and so you never pay more than you would if you'd approached the alcohol clinic directly.

It is never too late to take contol of our drinking

Looking for an alcohol detox clinic in the UK ? Contact Alcoholic Detox using the form on the right or call us to get some free advice on all forms of alcohol treatment - including alcoholic detox, rehab and aftercare.

Addiction Detox

Choosing the best drug addiction treatment centre for you

Choosing an alcohol or drug addiction treatment centre, whether for yourself or for a loved one, can seem like a difficult task. Often, the decision to find help is brought about by a substance abuse related crisis.

Under these circumstances emotions run high and relationships are usually strained. Some people feel completely alone and confused. The tendency is to grab at the first lifejacket that floats past, sometimes with less than average results. 

Choosing a drug addiction treatment centre has both immediate and longer term implications, and the most important factors in deciding where to go for rehabilitation are probably going to revolve around funding.

Questions like ‘How will you pay for treatment?’ and ‘Will your medical aid or health insurance cover some of the costs?’ will determine not only how soon you can be admitted to a drug addiction treatment centre but also the overall quality of care that you will receive.

If you have questions about what sort of drug addiction rehab will best meet your needs please feel free to call one of our treatment coordinators today.

There are of course other factors like your own temperament or the temperament of the loved one you are assisting. If the person seeking drug addiction treatment is spiritually inclined, a traditional rehab centre may not be best and vice-a-versa.

Something as seemingly insignificant as this can have a profound impact on the addiction rehabilitation process and longevity of a person’s sobriety or addiction recovery. So, please do yourself the service of taking the time to make an informed decision. 

What Are Your Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Requirements? 

There are many emotions that often come up when you acknowledge the fact that you are dealing with a drug addiction: guilt, anger, fear, shame and anxiety are common. Be aware that because of those emotions you may have concerns that are unfounded.

It is our mission to assist you to find an appropriate solution for any internal conflicts such as finance, modes of treatment, nutritional requirements and religious or spiritual beliefs. All these little things add up and are vital to the addiction rehabilitation and treatment process.

Drug Rehab Costs

One of the most common reasons for people not taking the necessary steps toward drug rehabilitation are financial concerns. If finance is something you are concerned about bring this up immediately when contacting one of our online addiction counsellors. We will assist you to find the best way forward.

If finance is not a concern for you and you wish a bit of luxury whilst going through your addiction rehabilitation process then say so. In either case do not be embarrassed to ask for the best treatment for your circumstances.


We all have our own unique spiritual and religious views. Whatever your religious background or spiritual practice, this is an important factor in choosing the surroundings you find yourself in during your drug addiction recovery.

You may prefer a more holistic environment or a more traditional religious environment. Further more, if you are assisting a loved one make sure that you are clear on their spiritual view. This is important to successful rehabilitation.

Treatment and Medical Assistance

When you contact us please be as clear as possible about the addiction that you are dealing with. Certain drugs and substances will require particular replacement treatment when withdrawal begins such as heroin addiction and opiate addiction. 

Also ask about time factors. Some rehabilitation programs take longer than others. 

Be aware that to optimise your addiction treatment it is often preferable to be a resident at the addiction treatment centre. Often a relapse occurs as a result of continued contact with peer groups and social environments that trigger the need. It is not absolutely necessary in all cases, however in more severe cases an in-patient, residential treatment can assist in process of recovery. 

Facilities and Nutrition

If you have any particular nutritional requirements, suffer from allergies or have other specific preferences like a gym, swimming pool, even a library, inform our counsellors so that these factors can also be considered before proposing the right centre for you.

Breaking Free From Drug Addiction

The bottom line is that drug addiction rehabilitation can be challenging. It is challenging on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

What makes it less challenging is being in an environment where medical professionals can provide a gentle and adequate drug detox before the professional addiction counselling team looks at ways to meet your needs.

Having properly trained, experienced addictions counsellors to guide you through the early recovery process and the experience of other recovering people who have travelled the path you're on is immensely beneficial.

With 20 years of experience in successful drug addiction rehabilitation we can help you to find the treatment centre that is just right for you.

Let us help you to find recovery from drug addiction today!

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