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Looking for help arranging Alcohol Detox for someone you know? Alcohol Detox UK can help with experienced and impartial advice. Alcohol Detox UK help to provide the best type of detox for the needs of the person you are concerned about. We consider your budget, the specific addiction and treatment history, as well as age and other risk factors.

Drinking Detox in York

Finding the right alcoholic detox process to meet your needs can be confusing. You may be in some form of crisis due to the chaos associated with active addiction, and the huge range of choices in the marketplace can be overwhelming. Alcoholic Detox can help you now.

Alcoholic Detox help to match the most beneficial treatment to your needs, considering your particular addiction and treatment history and other factors such as your age.

It is never too late to take contol of our drinking

Looking for an alcohol detox clinic in the UK ? Contact Alcoholic Detox using the form on the right or call us to get some free advice on all forms of alcohol treatment - including alcoholic detox, rehab and aftercare.

Addiction Detox

How to choose a drug addiction centre

 How do I choose an addiction rehab for someone in my family?

Choosing a rehab clinic can be a complicated process as there are many different drug addiction treatment centres available offering very different levels of accommodation, different types of service and care and different programs.

Some addiction clinics specialise in one type of drug addiction, for example alcoholism whilst others deal with many different forms of drug addiction and process addictions like eating disorders, gambling and sex addictions.

The drug addiction treatment process involves several stages. The first stage is the detox or detoxification process and this may require a high level of medical supervision. Not all addiction rehab centres are able to cope with this stage of the process and you may need to use a hospital or alternative treatment centre first.

The next stage is rehab or rehabilitation and ideally this should take 8-12 weeks, but many addiction treatment centres offer a shorter option for those unable to commit to this time interval.

Aftercare or continuing support is important and many addictions centres will offer this afterwards and this may affect your choice of rehab centre.

Rehab centre location is important and many people will want one not too far from where they live, partly for the aftercare and partly to enable close family or friends to visit.

How do you choose a drug addiction centre? You can look up the addiction centres on the Internet, but not all are easy to find. As with many things it is those with most money to advertise who are easiest to find on the Internet, not necessarily those who provide the best service.  This is where an independent advisor can help. WeDoRecover can help you through their advisory service. A trained and qualified addictions counsellor can help you select the best addiction centre for your needs.

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